Money doesn’t buy happiness but high endorphins level – definitely DOES!
Endorphines along with serotonin and dopamine are chemicals produced by our own body which
carry the particular signal to the brain and translate it into these familiar pleasant sensations. Some of you might have heard about them as “feel good” or “happiness” hormones and it’s for a reason – thanks to them we can:
– experience sense of pleasure, joy and even euphoria (runner’s high)
– reduce stress levels (decrease of blood pressure)
– relieve pain stimuli (its predicted by body opioid pain reliever)
– make it easier for women to go through labor
The problem is that the influence of endorphins on our body isn’t long term hence we can only
enjoy some positive emotions for a short time.
Here are 3 steps on how effectively increase the level of “happiness hormones” on daily basis which I guess we all need pretty much especially during this lockdown we are currently facing again in Malaysia.

While practicing various sports activities, the oxygenated brain works better and begins to produce more “feel good” hormones. Numerous studies have shown that movement is a great way counteract depression! Which activities will most effectively put us in a great mood? First of all, running during which a large injection of endorphins is able to put a runner into a state of real euphoria and the activity itself can be addictive when we start to associate pleasant sensations with a given situation. Even the most ordinary daily walk lasting at least half an hour or moderate intensity work out at home – each of these activities can raise the level of endorphins and play a role in managing everyday problems and stress.

It is so obvious yet so simple! Smile rejuvenates, reduces the harmful effects of stress and effectively improves our well-being.
It’s scientifically proven. What’s also interesting is that even the fake smile has a positive effect on the body (so fake selfies aren’t that useless after all! ) But the more sincere your smile, the better the results! So don’t be stingy on your laugh and do it as often as possible: crack jokes with your friends, enjoy comedies that make you cry out of laugh or simply smile at people passing you by on the streets (I KNOW! Masks are on so it’s rather hard but you can always smile with your eyes too!). When we have a tough day and nobody around you, smile at your reflection in the mirror for a minute. Your well-being will noticeably improve as a smile is a signal to your brain that “everything is alright”!


“Butterflies” in the tummy! Who never felt those?For those in love, the production of endorphins remains at a very high level most of the time, this
state can last much longer than in the case of the euphoric state achieved after physical exercise or a comedy movies marathon. Moreover, the very thought of a loved one becomes a stimulus to
increase the production of happiness hormones. Also during sexual intercourse, the level of
endorphins increases by up to 200%! The stream of pleasant sensations flowing from the whole
body to the brain brings us in a euphoric mood and allows us to feel happy. But let’s be practical
here, what if we’re not in a relationship? It turns out that we can achieve increased production of the happiness hormone in the brain by … eating chocolate.
A few pieces of chocolate can make us feel better right away. Sounds familiar right?
Don’t forget though that chocolate is as addictive as a fattening endorphin trigger, it is worth dosing it with moderation and along with physical activity. There are many more ways to increase the level of “happiness hormones” though. Whichever one works for you best and you find is useful is RIGHT for you as long as it make you happy!
And trust me to achieve this state, we do not have to win the lottery or fly to the other side of the world. Happiness is a choice and little bit of effort which is worth taking!

Stay safe and stay happy everyone!
– Karolina