Pinotherapy is an integral part of Manual Medicine according to doctor Radoslaw Skladowski
known as FRSc (Five Regulatory System concept). It’s highly effective therapeutic approach for
pain management, injuries recovery, supporting the scars treatment, many orthopeadic and
neurological disorders.
Pinotherapy requires pins – brass or steel nails with a pointed tip for a stimulating function over
specific points or zone on the body and a flat tip used for compression techniques without piercing
the skin. A skilfully set stimulus in an appropriate location aims to eliminate pathologies occurring
in one or more regulatory systems. During the treatment the therapist may focus on so called
piezoactive points highly innervated and proprioceptively, muscles and / or fascial compartments
showing disturbance of fluid circulation in their area, zones of the so-called lipodynia manifested by
a marked compaction of the subcutaneous connective tissue. As a result of pathological processes
taking place in individual regulatory systems, there may be e.g. characteristic pain, limited mobility
or a decrease in muscle strength. Pinotherapy through the reactive and / or reflex reversal of
pathological processes creates conditions in the body for regeneration and recovery.
This method is perfect for the treatment neurological and orthopedic disorders, such as myofascial

pain, headache, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine pain, as well as post-operative and post-
traumatic conditions and restrictions over joint mobility. Pinotherapy can play a role in

desensitizing scar also after caesarean section, in polyneuropathy (peripheral nerve damage
syndrome), in multiple sclerosis (MS), ischemic strokes, Parkinsonism and any neurological pains.
Some techniques may have an indirect positive effect on digestion and hormone balance